Sunday, 14 August 2011

Chicken cheese sausages with tortilla

On National Day, my friends & I headed to Tanjong Rhu area for a glimpse of the annual fireworks. I prepared for them some chicken cheese sausages and bought 2 packs of tortillas, a lettuce and some cherry tomatoes. Considering that our host stays alone, does not cook, has got expired cooking oil at home, I had to abandon the idea of having the sausages pan-fried at her place. Therefore, what I did was to boil the sausages in hot water, cut the cherry tomatoes into half, and prepared the lettuce. Then we assembled them at the dining table (with some mustard I got from the shop and onion sauce I brought from home). Did I say that it was their first time trying sausages from Huber's Butchery? =)
To do the same, get

Chicken cheese sausages (sold by packet. 4 pcs in a packet, each pc about 80g)
Mustard (I used Maille Original Dijon Mustard)
Brown sauce thickener ( I used Mondamin brown sauce thickener)

1] Prepare onion sauce by first slicing the onions thinly.

2] Heat a little oil in pan.

3] Then fry the onions till slightly brown. Keep stirring.. Do not walk away to your computer!

4] Then mix some brown sauce thickener with water.

5] Add water to onions.

6] Simmer. If the sauce isn't thick enough, add more brown sauce thickener (just the powder this time).

7] Add some salt & pepper if you like.

8] If you happen to have some red wine lying around, it may also be added at this stage to make the sauce more robust. Otherwise, it's fine =)

9] For convenience sake, you may prepare it a day before event. Heat up before serving.

On actual day:
1] Boil some water.

2] Add sausages to boiling water.

3] Meanwhile, prepare the lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

4] When the sausages are ready, remove them from water and arrange them on a plate.

5] Arrange tomatoes and lettuce on a plate too.

6] Bring tortillas, onion sauce & mustard sauce out.

7] Assemble on tortilla, lettuce, tomatoes, sausage, onion sauce &/or mustard.

8] Roll tortilla tightly. Voila!

PS: If you don't use the brown sauce thickener often, you may skip the onion sauce and serve the sausages with just the mustard.

You may also opt to pan-fry the sausages =)

By Ariella =)

PS: I'm sorry... No pictures! My hands were full... with durians....


  1. It would be good if there are pictures. =P

  2. I'm sorry mate! I had such a good time with my friends that I forgot the pictures! See my subsequent entries! =)

    Ariella =)