Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chicken basil pesto pasta

Chicken basil pesto

I have a bottle of basil pesto sitting (neglected) in the kitchen cupboard. I decided it's time to bring it out.

Chicken thigh, bone-less, skin-on & cut to bite-sized
A bottle of basil pesto (you can get one from our shop)
Celery, sliced
Carrot, sliced
Capsicum, sliced
Cherry tomatoes
Olive oil

1] Season the chicken thigh with some salt & pepper. Leave it aside.
2] Prepare the pasta by boiling some water and adding the pasta/ spaghetti in. Add some salt to it. The salt would prevent the pasta from sticking together. Keep watching over this pot especially when the water boils again. The pasta ought to be al dente. Test if it's ready by breaking the pasta: you should still see some white in the middle but it shouldn't feel "crunchy" in your mouth. When pasta is ready, retain some of the hot water and discard the rest. Then rinse the pasta with some tap water. Then discard the water again.

3] Meanwhile, heat some olive oil in a pan. Then fry the onions & garlic till fragrant.

4] Now, the carrots go in. The carrots have to be the first to go so they soften/ less crunchy by the time you are done.

5] Then the rest of the veggies (except the tomatoes)..

6] Stir for a while. If the pan gets too dry, add some hot water from the preparation of the pasta.

7] Now the chicken goes in. Stir. I check if the chicken is cooked by tearing it with my frying stick. If it can be torn with my frying stick, I know it's cooked.

8] Now the pasta goes in.Mix together.

9] And now, quickly add the pesto sauce in, not the entire bottle though. I added almost half a bottle for a serving portion of 3. Add some salt & pepper if you like.

10] If uncertain or indecisive, turn off the fire/ heat! You don't want your pasta to turn soggy! =)

Sliced onions, chopped garlic, sliced carrots, celery,
red capsicums and cherry tomatoes

Stir-fry the veggies
You need not use red capsicums (though it looks better with
the myriad of colours). Use whatever
you already have in the fridge.

Add the pasta in

PS: This plate here has been with me since 2005. I
bought a set of this with my housemates in Gippsland then.
Yeh.. I brought it back home from Gippsland to Clayton to
  If basil pesto is something new to you and if you (like me) wonder if you can use it in other recipes, stay tuned.
Pardon the time stamp at the bottom of the pictures. I've turned it off =)


Ariella =)

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