Sunday, 11 September 2011

Spicy chicken cacciatore

Isn't life sometimes (or all the time) interesting? You left someone/ something/ somewhere by choice but you still miss them? Though you have the opportunity to return, you do not want to? But you still miss them?? Does that happen to you?

1 chilled chicken leg bone-in, skin-on
200g tomato sauce
Red chilli ( seeds removed)
1 Bell pepper, sliced
175ml red wine
Garlic, chopped
Onions, sliced/ diced
Several olives
Olive oil

1] First, season the chicken with some salt & pepper. Put it aside.

2] Heat the roasting oven to 180C.

3] Heat a little oil on the pan, just enough to grease the pan lightly.

4] Cook chicken on the pan for about 7 minutes on each side till lightly browned. Fret not if you have bits stuck to the pan.

5] Then remove the chicken from the pan and put it on a greased roasting pan.

6] Now, if there are alot of fat remaining on the pan, discard them. I retained only a wee bit - just enough to grease the pan.

7] Fry the peppers till lightly burnt. Then add the chilli, onions & garlic.

8] Then add the red wine in. Let it stand till it bubbles.

9] Now, the tomato sauce goes in. Let it bubble again.

10] Turn off fire. Now add this sauce to the chicken on the roasting pan.

11] I crushed several olives and top the chicken with the olives. Cover with aluminium foil.

12] Off it goes into the oven for 30 minutes. Then remove the foil and let it continue to roast for another 10 minutes or so.

13] Test if it's cooked by piercing a fork into the thickest part of the chicken. Be sure that you go right through. If clear juices run out, it's good to go.

Just before it goes into the
roasting oven

Spicy chicken cacciatore
I had it with rice =)
 I like how the olives go so well with the sauce.. =)
Hope you like it too!


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