Thursday, 3 November 2011

Basil pesto with smoked chicken breast

Hello people.. =)

I've been away for so long...! I went on a trip to Taiwan and I met many lovely people there, some locals and some travelers like us. When I told people that I went to Taiwan, they would usually ask " Did you try this this & that?"," Did you eat a lot?"," Did you put on a lot of weight?" And my answer to each of the above is " No". This isn't our first time there. Neither is it our second. It's the third time for me and for her, the fourth time. Therefore, there wasn't a need to gobble down their local food.

Neither did we eat alot (and I'm glad). Since we didn't eat alot, naturally, we didn't put on much weight. I, in fact, lost weight from the heavy backpack, the late nights, irregular meals, the forest/ mountain trails & walking the night markets.

The most memorable wasn't the mountains we went, the sunrise we missed, the food we had or the itinerary. It was the lovely people we met. The angels who gave us directions, the Japanese and the Swiss who were with us at Alishan, and the Malaysian who were with us at Sun Moon Lake & in Taipei. And the group of warm locals we met up in Taipei. I'll definitely return for lovely angels are found there. =)


Do you remember I mentioned about Basil Pesto in my previous entry? I did the Chicken Basil Pesto pasta back then and here is another recipe with the Basil Pesto.

This would be very similar to the one we did previously, just change the chicken to smoked chicken breast.

1 pc smoked chicken breast, sliced
A bottle of basil pesto (you can get one from our shop)
Carrot, sliced
Olive oil
Pasta of your choice or whatever's in the kitchen!
Veal cipolata

1] Prepare the pasta by boiling some water and adding the pasta/ spaghetti in. Add some salt to it. The salt would prevent the pasta from sticking together. Keep watching over this pot especially when the water boils again. The pasta ought to be al dente. Test if it's ready by breaking the pasta: you should still see some white in the middle but it shouldn't feel "crunchy" in your mouth. When pasta is ready, retain some of the hot water and discard the rest. Then rinse the pasta with some tap water.

2] Meanwhile, heat some olive oil in a pan. Then fry the carrot slices for a couple of minutes.

3] Now, the chicken breast

4] Mix them together for a while.

5] Now add the pasta to the pan. And quickly add some basil pesto. I added 2 heaped teaspoon for a 2-servings portion. You can add more/ less depending on your preference. Mix the pasta quickly.

6] On a separate pan, brown the cipolata.

7] Serve the cipolata with the pasta. Viola!

I wish I added more pesto: The smoky flavour of the chicken covered that of the pesto. If you are not particular/ are looking for another variation to the chicken basil pesto, this then is it.



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