Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sooo cheesy! Jan


Interestingly, a number of customers have approached me
over the past weeks asking if I had changed the
Raclette Cheese as they noted a difference in taste
and texture ( for the better that is). I did indeed. More on
this in the February issue.

This issue, I would like to introduce you to a cheese
recommended by my good friend Norbert in the Allgaeu
region of Germany - namely Backsteiner.  

Backsteiner, also known as the brick of gold, is a smear
ripened soft cheese with small eye holes all over. It
produces a fruity flavour with a velvety buttery texture and a
slightly pungent nose, almost resembling a very mild Munster.

Backsteiner literately means brick, and the cheese is so called
because of its brick-like shape. The small Sibratsgfall dairy in
the upper Bregenz Forest is well-respected for its regional specialties
such as this Sibratsgfall Bachensteiner.

Now available at Online Butchery and at Huber's Butchery @ Dempsey!

~ Thomas Kreissl
General Manager (Retail)

Huber's Butchery is located at 18A & 18B Dempsey Road Singapore 249677.

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