Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New at Huber's Butchery - tar10 condiments from Australia

Tar10's product range is gluten and preservative free and uses only the freshest Australian ingredients
What started off as gluten and preservative free condiments for family & friends turned into condiments available in Asia and  New Zealand. With the help of her husband Harvey, both Harvey and Melanie started to develop a marketing and sales strategy to get her products on the shelf for others to enjoy.

In 2010, Melanie entered some of her products into the prestigious “Sydney Royal Fine Food Show” competing against some of Australia’s best known producers and she walked away with 2 out of 3 awards. In 2011, she saw even further success with 5 out of 5 awards.

Selected products by Melanie are now available at Huber's Butchery and at

- Lemon & Ginger Marmalade :  Enjoy this tangy treat either loaded on toast at breakfast or as a sauce poured liberally over a steamed pudding.

- Orange & Brandy Marmalade :  This full bodied Valencia orange    marmalade with a shot of brandy is a must for lovers of great   breakfast marmalade.

                                                               - Oxford Cut Seville Orange : This traditional English marmalade is a
                                                                 wonderful zesty treat spread liberally on toast, or use as a sauce
                                                                 when serving duck.

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