Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Roasters at Martin Road

Since my baby has become a toddler, my wife and I try to go out on the weekends to allow her to run around and see the world. Since I hardly ever go out late on a Saturday night, this includes Sunday breakfast. We usually struggle to find places that open at 9am. Most places open at 10am – 11am for brunch but being up at 7am means I need my breakfast by latest 9.30am! Thankfully one such place is Common Man Coffee Roasters located at Martin Road.  

If you are early enough, you can park for free on the side roads. Every time I walk it, this place smells of freshly ground coffee. Little wonder as these guys take their coffee seriously. They import their own blends directly from farmers, roast it in Singapore and supply to other caf├ęs and restaurants as well. I love a good cuppa but more importantly, I love a good breakfast!

Organic eggs benedict

This visit I ordered the organic eggs benedict. It consists of the usual two poached organic eggs with hollandaise chive sauce on sourdough toast but the difference here is the braised ox cheeks in the middle of the eggs and the bread. The bright colours of the yellow sauce and green chives and rocket salad made this dish look really appealing. As I sliced open the poach eggs, golden yolk came oozing out onto the ox cheeks. I wasted no time in putting a slice of bread, beef and egg in my mouth. The cheeks were really tender though I just wished the sauce had a little more punch. I still enjoyed it, though for me my favourite dish has got to be the common man full breakfast!

Common Man Full Breakfast

Think two free range eggs done any style, back bacon, pork sausage, grilled tomatoes, chorizo hash brown, portabello mushroom, house-made chorizo baked beans with artisanal sourdough toast. The eggs here have a really nice orange hue with a great texture, a sign of good eggs. I love the pork sausage here which we specially make for them. Go try it if you think I’m just blowing my own trumpet! I am not normally a fan of baked beans but this home-made version is made with real wholesome tomatoes with a kick from the chorizo. The chorizo hash brown deserves special mention as I love the crispy texture and freshness. The grilled mushroom and tomatoes are done well too and the bread remains rather crispy even with yolk on it. This breakfast has everything I like and for me it is the true breakfast of champions!

Ancient looking emerald teapot

The chai tea my wife ordered was served in an ancient looking emerald teapot which looked really gorgeous. The latte I had had a nice leave pattern and was good considering it had a sour profile. I am not normally a fan of the sour profile but this one was not overly sour and had a good balance without being too acidic. Above the bar it reads, “free coffee and doughnut for the unemployed’. Now I wonder if they really do give out the freebies and how would they know if someone is unemployed?  Regardless, I enjoy coming to common man coffee roasters because it has a great vibe and the food is good too but do take note that they fill up rather quickly so best to get in there early. 

Common Man Coffee Roasters: 22 Martin Road #01-00 Singapore 239058

Andre, Huber
Executive Director

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