Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Huber's Family - Parimel

You may be able to tell that Parimel is one of the youngest in our Dempsey store. Living in Johor Bahru with his family, Parimel crosses the customs everyday on his motorbike to get to work. This is in fact his first job overseas. While studying accountancy in LCCI, he helped out at his uncle's DVD store for two years. At this point, I exclaimed "So you must have watched every blockbuster!" To find out if this is indeed so, ask him personally! 

Parimel and his family

After the two years in the DVD shop, he heard about an opening in Huber's from Vijay. He threw caution to the wind and made his first solo trip to Singapore. In a blink of an eye, Parimel has been with us for coming to two and a half years. I remember him being a man of few words several months into his job. It has been 28 months since he joined us and though he speaks a little bit more today than before, he is still a placid man. 

As his off days are during weekdays, he hardly gets to catch up with his friends. As such, his hobby is playing online games. Sambal is his favourite thing so he eats almost anything cooked in sambal! Having said that, he has reservations if you place a plate of vegetables cooked in sambal before him. 

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