Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chicken & bacon cacciatore

Oh dear! I didn't realise that it has been more than one month since my last post! =(

I prefer this version to the previous that I blogged on. This version has some rosemary & red wine vinegar added and so gives it an exciting twist. =)

Serving portion for 2:

Half a chicken
250ml chicken stock
3 rashers bacon
Some onions, sliced
Olive oil
Some fresh rosemary
1 x 400g canned plum tomatoes
Some red or white wine vinegar
Some sugar

1] Season the chicken pieces with a little salt and some pepper. Put aside.

2] Heat some oil in large frying pan and brown the chicken, a few pieces at a time, if necessary until its skin is golden on all sides.

3] As each batch is done, lift out from pan and put aside while you fry the rest of the chicken.

4] After all the chicken is done, remove some of the fats from the pan, if necessary.

5] Lower heat and add the bacon. Keep going with the bacon till it crisps.

6] Then remove the bacon and leave it with the chicken pieces.

7] Again, remove some of the fats from the pan, if ncessary. Then using the fats behind behind in the wok by the bacon, fry the onions and rosemary until the onions softened. Then return the chicken and bacon back to the pan.

8] Add the tomatoes, chicken stock, vinegar and sugar. Season with some salt and pepper.

9] Bring to a simmer, cover and then leave it alone for 20 to 30 minutes. Turn off fire when you are happy with its consistency. Serve with rice or pasta. I had mine with rice =)

Chicken pieces after they
have been fried

I like this consistency
I also roasted some vegetables
to the delight of my friends
who finished up to the last bit


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